The Most Stunning Fall Flower Arrangements and Centerpieces

Or, 30 reasons not to mourn summer.

Sugar and Charm

Not to be the bearer of bad news or anything, but summer's almost over. I know, I know, we're sad, too. And while it does mean shorter days, cooler weather, and a whole new back-to-school mood, there's still plenty to love about the season—like more entertaining and time spent with family. And that means all the fall flowers! That's just one of the ways you can still enjoy the great outdoors after summer (except in the comfort of your own home and parked right next to the fireplace). Plus, fall flowers are the easiest way to give your home a seasonal upgrade.

So we're spotlighting thirty gorgeous fall bouquets and centerpiece ideas to convince you that autumn flora is just as impressive as those of spring and summer. Plus, they'll beautify your home at every fall festivity. Keep reading to see the prettiest fall flowers to bring home this year.

Courtesy of Sugar and Charm
Peaches and Pinks

Think pink can't work in the fall? That's a hard no. It's totally okay to stick with your go-to millennial shade, just make sure you add in extra greens and some browns to make your bouquet feel more rustic for fall.

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Cheetah Is the New Black
Dried Florals

Mix dried florals into your flower arrangement for a moodier feel that gives soft colors just a touch of grit. This fall flower arrangement from Cheetah Is the New Black also mixes inn leaves and branches for added texture.

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Courtesy of Sugar and Charm

A pomegranate-hued centerpiece needs fresh pomegranates in it, obviously. To make it feel elegant, add classic candlesticks and a garland for a touch of lushness.

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Nicole Franzen

Why make things hard on yourself when something simple and easy is just as chic and pretty? Laidback and undone, there's just something elegant about wild flowers loosely clustered in a rustic vase. Bright yellow ones will liven up any country kitchen or rustic breakfast buffet table.

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Courtesy of Sugar & Charm

Okay so this is not your average flower arrangement, seeing as it doesn't actually have any flowers in it. But who needs flowers when you can have a pumpkin pie (and a bunch of gourds to go along with it) as your centerpiece? We've reached peak fall. See more at Sugar & Cloth.

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fall flowers
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Chinese Lanterns

If pastel petals don't do it for you, give these vibrant pods a try. You can even plant this hardy perennial in your yard for a home-grown supply of little lanterns that will beatify all your fall flower arrangements.

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fall flowers in a pumpkin
Raymond Hom
Pumpkin Vase

The perfect bouquet—ranunculus, billy buttons and ferns—needs the perfect container. A white pumpkin should do the trick and the trick this season. Just scoop out the inside and hide a water-filled vase inside. Think of it as an elevated jack-o-lantern.

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fall flowers
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Scarlet Sedum

When stonecrop turns from green to red, you know fall's officially arrived. This burgundy-hued variety looks even prettier paired with matching orange dahlias and berries for a full-on fall feel.

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fall flowers
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Monochrome Bunches

Flower-arranging novices, don't stress. Sometimes simple bundles are best. Simply organize mums by hue for an unexpected color-blocked grouping.

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fall flowers
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Vibrant Chrysanthemums

Mums are basically fall's version of peonies, and with so many colors, your options are endless. The blooms also symbolize optimism, joy, and longevity—just what your Thanksgiving table needs.

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Erika LaPresto
Tall Stems

A festive arrangement with spiky delphinium and eucalyptus looks even fuller thanks to amaranthus cascading down the sides. Berries and dahlias add even more color to this dramatic bouquet.

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Cheetah Is the New Black

Lay your florals flat for a quirky and easy arrangement (but don't take them out of their water until the last minute). Then scatter some tea light candles for a soft, flickering flow. We love the offbeat pink runner Cheetah Is the New Black chose for an early fall outdoor dinner.

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seasonal floral arrangement
Pam Zsori
Apples and Berries

A fall bouquet gets an unexpected update with fruit. Gray brunia, the silvery berries popular in wedding bouquets, look just as pretty on the dinner table, and is perfect for a late fall flower arrangement thanks to its wintery sheen.

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Jenna Elliott of One Eleven Photography
Maple Leaves

Fall foliage looks just as gorg in a bouquet as it does on a branch. The colorful leaves create volume, but burgundy amaryllis and peonies pull everything together on a jewel-toned table.

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house of brinson tablescape
William Brinson
Deconstructed Centerpiece

Display all of autumn's prettiest florals in one go with terrariums, potted plants and bouquets. Even the ends of the table can enjoy succulents in dessert bowls and air plants on each napkin. Staggering the unique flower arrangements keeps things visually interesting.

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feather arrangement
Torryne Choate
Sticks and Feathers

This fuss-free centerpiece doesn't need watering or trimming. Pheasant feathers and tigerwood twigs, set against a single antler, will last through the winter.

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Erika LaPresto
Fall Fruits

Cake stands can display more than just the sweet stuff. Seasonal produce like corn husks, permissions, and pomegranates all rise to the occasion. Tapered candles and a green garland enhance the mood even further.

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carolyn roehm fall tablescape
Robert Millman
Classic Colors

A blue and white tablecloth still works after Labor Day. Traditional fall hues like red, orange and yellow pop even more against a cool background. The antlers tie the table with the rest of the room's wall decor and also usher in the new season.

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Stone Gable
Soft and Natural

Snap up a blue pumpkin (yep, they're a thing!) for a different take on the classic jack-o'-lantern. Along with white gourds, eucalyptus, and pine cones, it'll make even plain white dishes look magical.

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Tone on Tone
All White

Go all in on the monochrome look. This sleek white grouping looks modern, yet still welcoming.

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Julie Blanner
Apples and Eucalyptus

You're already buying them by the bushel, so when you're done making apple pie, apple sauce, and just about every other apple recipe on the planet, put them directly on the table.

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Stone Gable
Pumpkins and Hydrangeas

Everyone's favorite pom-pom flower looks stunning as always, but a tower of mini pumpkins might steal the show inside a silver-rimmed hurricane.

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Rachel Whiting
Stems and Leaves

A rich red color palette will keep your table on-theme this fall. A bundle of stems and leaves in a classic vase is the best way to bring fall foliage indoors. Paired with effortlessly elegant linens, they look even more gorgeous.

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Dimples & Tangles
Rustic Roses

Chances are you'll spy roses at the grocery store year-round, but think creatively to make the arrangement more autumnal. Here, brown striped feathers add an exotic flourish to a bunch of red-orange blooms.

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Home is Where the Boat Is
Rosy Palette

Apricot-colored roses (which almost have an ombre effect) look fall-ready with apples, mums, and colorful foliage to match.

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Homey Oh My!

Small and bold varieties of dahlias look lovely lining the center of a long table adorned with metallic accessories. To make the bright blooms feel more fall-friendly, add white pumpkins to your centerpiece.

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Dwellings By DeVore
Cheery Gerbera Daisies

This bold Gerbera daisy is an eye-catcher among a bundle of eucalyptus (another type of flora you'll often find in fall).

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Simply Happenstance
Everlasting Succulents

Everyone's favorite easy-care bloom is here and ready for fall. If you've treated your succulents well all summer long, they'll make for a modern alternative to traditional floral centerpieces.

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Handmade Mood
Fall Hydrangeas (Plus Fruit!)

The last of the year's most bountiful blooms get a rustic treatment, thanks to crisp leaves, elegant twigs, and juicy apples.

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Love of Family and Home
Natural Accents

These stunning, yellow mum bundles are enhanced with wheat, fall berries, leaves, pine cones, and acorns. Bonus: Nearly all of these extras can be found in your own backyard.

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