TestYourself: Psychology Game

iPhone/iPad Games

Are you a closet Einstein with the reflexes of a ninja, a memory better than an elephant, and a penchant for never misspelling a word? Then put yourself to the test through our “Boost Your” series of apps that provide the perfect combination of education and entertainment.

Developed with the help of psychology professionals with extensive industry and teaching experience and optimized for performance and graphical quality on the iPhone/iPad systems, each “Boost Your” app comes packed with a series of fun tests, based on verified scientific methodologies, that are designed to evaluate different aspects of a person’s mind. Upon completion, each app provides the player with a professional assessment of the different aspects of their psychological makeup. When taken as a whole, these assessments offer individuals a glimpse into the very nature of their own psychology and personality.

Boost Your Reactions

Boost Your Reactions will put your reflexes to the test through various exercises that assess your speed of response to visual and audio stimuli as well as your efficiency in performing repeated tasks.

Boost Your Intelligence

By playing Boost Your Intelligence you can explore the basic parameters of your intelligence and natural abilities including synthesizing and analyzing information, making analogies, and determining topological conclusions.

Boost Your Memory

With Boost Your Memory you can unlock the secrets of your consciousness and reveal the capacity and precision of your long-term and short-term memory.

Boost Your Attention

Train yourself to never be late to an appointment again with Boost Your Attention, the app that evaluates the intensity, stability, selectiveness, and multitasking ability of your attention.