TestYourself: Psychology Game

Inner Choice

Unique iPad and iPhone application

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An application that helps you make decisions and understand yourself better, based on proven psychological methods that really work.

It is a scientifically proven fact that our subconscious ‘knows’ and perceives a lot more than we are aware of, and is often better at assessing various situations. This inner awareness, which people call intuition or your Inner Voice, sometimes penetrates into the conscious in the form of insights, but more commonly ‘speaks’ to us through the mechanism of emotions.

We took three scientific methods, perfected them and combined them into one: the Corporal Localization of Emotions (Gestalt-based), the Lüscher Color Test, and Osgood's Semantic Differential. Their combination produces a very precise result which identifies what emotion the user is experiencing at the moment.

By using this application, the user receives a description of the emotion he or she is feeling, and a explanation of it stands for. It’s like a getting a ‘personal message’ from your inner voice.

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