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Test Yourself: Psychology | Nervous System and Intellect

Have you ever wondered who you really are and what you're best suited for? TestYourself is a series of interactive psychological tests that combine science with fun and give you a real scientific analysis of various aspects of your personality and mentality! This first pack of tests, TestYourself: Psychology, analyzes two areas of your psychological structure — Nervous System and Intellect. Start reading the manual of You today, You are worth the story!


Test Yourself: Psychology | Attention

Sometimes small details can make a big difference. Have you ever missed a date because you got the time wrong? Have you ever misspelled a word that hurt someone's feelings? Or crossed the street during a green light? Failing to pay attention can have disastrous consequences!

Well now there's a fun and easy way to test just how well you pay attention — with the new add-on to the psychology-oriented video game TestYourself: Psychology whose games and exercises are designed to help you explore and enhance yourself.

Take a closer look at yourself — play TestYourself!


Test Yourself: Psychology | Memory

Do you remember what game you downloaded yesterday? Or what’s the speed of light? Or what your elementary school teacher said on your first day of school?

The new TestYourself add-on contains a series of interactive psychology tests and games designed to test and evaluate your memory. The human memory is a unique tool that is essential for surviving in today’s world already oversaturated with information. TestYourself can help you turn a new leaf in the Book of You.

Explore and learn more about yourself — play TestYourself!




Test Yourself: Psychology is actually quite an interesting project...

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Have you ever taken one of those IQ tests online?

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Test Yourself: Psychology is not a game, that much...

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