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Test Yourself: Psychology | Attention

Sometimes small details can make a big difference. Have you ever missed a date because you got the time wrong? Have you ever misspelled a word that hurt someone’s feelings? Or crossed the street during a green light? Failing to pay attention can have disastrous consequences!

Introducing TestYourself: Attention!

A new add-on to the psychology-oriented videogame TestYourself, TestYourself: Attention is a fun and easy way to test just how well you are able to pay attention. Focusing on a huge number of personality facets and aspects, TestYourself exercises help you to explore and enhance yourself. Previously released installments include Nervous System, Reaction and Memory. The TestYourself team includes professional game developers as well as practicing psychology experts whose combined expertise makes for a unique gaming experience that’s full of fun and learning.

The games utilize both visual and textual elements, have an easy learning curve, and rely on proven, scientifically-tried psychological testing techniques. You’ll have accurate, individualized results faster than you can say ‘Test Yourself’!



Test Yourself: Psychology is actually quite an interesting project...

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Have you ever taken one of those IQ tests online?

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Test Yourself: Psychology is not a game, that much...

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