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Test Yourself: Psychology | Memory

Do you remember what game you downloaded yesterday? Or what’s the speed of light? Or what your elementary school teacher said on your first day of school?

The new TestYourself add-on contains a series of interactive psychology tests and games designed to test and evaluate your memory. TestYourself mixes fun with education by combining cutting-edge psychological research with the latest advances in video games technology. The foundation of the game is built on extensive practical expertise, acquired by leading psychologists and consulting and training specialists through research that spanned years and affected thousands. Multiple add-on packs are in the works, which will focus on various areas of personal framework and development. While the previous pack measured reaction time and efficiency of your nervous system, TestYourself: Memory is designed to evaluate the many facets of your information recalling capabilities. Future games will be geared towards assessing your emotions, creativity and perception.

The human memory is a unique tool that is essential for surviving in today’s world already oversaturated with information. TestYourself can help you turn a new leaf in the Book of You. Explore and learn more about yourself — play TestYourself!



Test Yourself: Psychology is actually quite an interesting project...

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Have you ever taken one of those IQ tests online?

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Test Yourself: Psychology is not a game, that much...

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