Brain Trivia

Brain is the same as muscles — the more you train it, the larger it grows. Brain of an average grown-up man weighs 1424 grams and shrinks to 1395 grams by the time he gets old.

The heaviest female brain belongs to a murderer — it weighs 1565 grams. The heaviest male brain weighs 2049 grams. I. Turgenev’s brain weighed 2012 grams.

Brain evolves: in 1860 average male brain weighed 1372 grams. The lightest unatrophied brain (which belonged to a woman aged 31) weighed 1096 grams. 9 meters long dinosaurs’ brain weighed 70 grams and was as large as a walnut.

The most intensive brain development takes place between the ages of 2 and 11. German mathematician Karl Witt earned his PhD in Philosophy at Hessian University at the age of 12.