The Most Intelligent People in the World

Tony Buzen and Raymond Keene decided to find out who average people consider to most intelligent people in the world. For 20 years they were collecting data in order to draw the top 10 of the most intelligent people in human history. So, here they are, the Earth top 10 intellectuals:

  • William Shakespeare (author of English theatre repertoire, many-sided renaissance author);
  • Michelangelo (Italian sculptor, poet, philosopher, artist, and architect — one of the renaissance titans);
  • Architects (architects),who built the pyramids;
  • Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (German poet, prosaist, playwright, philosopher, naturalist, and politician);
  • Alexander the Great (great commander, emperor, conqueror, and founder of a powerful country);

Famous People's IQ 

Experts have calculated the approximate IQ of famous people of the past

  • Goethe - 200 points,
  • Newton and Voltaire - 190 points,
  • Galileo - 185 points,
  • Leonardo da Vinci - 150 points,
  • Bach and Beethoven - 140 points,
  • Copernicus - 130 points.