Project's Legend

Many people consider psychology to be more of an art than a science and that there are more questions and puzzles than clear answers. We totally agree with that! There are very few blank spots left on the Earth map — almost everything has been explored and documented. However, human beings still remain as a “terra incognita.”

We are absolutely sure that it is impossible to build a successful business, become happy, start controlling yourself, and help others without a deep understanding of human nature. Therefore we want to give everyone the chance to discover their own special talents, abilities, and limits.

Currently, reliable means of psychological examination are closely held by professionals while most of the other popular instruments are just cheap fakes. Our own team consists of many professionals who taught, evaluated, and worked in the industry on commission for large companies and governments. Finally, we decided that everyone has a right of self-actualization!

Project's Essence

Test Yourself is the end result from a collaboration between professional consulting psychologists and game developers.

The project’s mission is to give people a chance to learn more about their own psychological abilities.

Though immensely fun to play. the project is more than just a simple game. The main feature of the whole series is that every product can help to expand a player’s perspective on their abilities and talents and lets them train their “mental muscles,” e.g. speed of response, intelligence, creativity, or attention.

Each game of the series tests and helps to train one of the important aspects of one’s personality. At the end of each game the player receives a detailed socio-psychological assessment of their characteristics containing useful information on their parameters. Each subsequent product adds to the overall socio-psychological assessment, evaluating their various personal characteristics, and growing the list of recommendations for personal growth and development.