Creativity is the ability to see a problem or a situation from a new unconventional angle. Creativity allows one to think about a problem in a specific real-life environment so that seeing a situation from a new unconventional angle might lead to an effective solution.

Here Are the Various Aspects of Creativity:

  • Fluency (the amount of ideas originating within a certain amount of time)
  • Flexibility (the ability to switch one’s mind from one idea to another)
  • Original thinking (the ability to produce ideas that are different from adopted ones; the ability to step out of the box and look at the situation in a different context)
  • Sensitivity to unusual details, contradictions, indeterminacy, and problems that others don’t find interesting
  • Metaphor (the willingness to work in completely different conditions; inclination to symbolic and associative thinking; ability to see the complex in the simple and the simple in the complex)
  • Detachment (the logical independence of reactions from stimuli)
  • Tolerance of multiple meanings, ambiguity, uncertainty, and risk
  • Tolerance of criticism

The antonyms of creativity are stereotypes, utility, and conformity.