Interesting Facts

  • Suspension bridges were originally invented by English engineer S. Brown; however, he got the idea from spiders. Brown spent a long time, to no avail, thinking of different ways to cross a precipice by a bridge without piers. But one day, while resting in a forest, he noticed a spider’s web connecting two trees easily. An idea occurred in his mind and thanks to that idea we now have garlands of suspension bridges.
  • In 1590 a Dutch mechanic named Zacharias Jansen, who at the time worked as a spectacle maker, invented the first microscope. He had seen his children take two lenses, put them at each side of a tube, and look at everything with curiosity; it was interesting to see how objects suddenly became bigger. However, even while his children were merely amusing themselves, Jansen saw so much more. What if he assembled a device that would magnify objects? That is how a microscope was invented.
  • After a long walk in the mountains Swiss designer George de Mestral noticed that the burrs from Burdock plants had become stuck in his dog’s fur. He became curious as to why the burrs stuck so strongly and examined them under a microscope. What he saw were hundreds of little “hooks” that had latched onto the fur. Thanks to those burrs de Mestral conceived of the idea to create Velcro.
  • At one point perfumeries didn’t originally want to sell the latest and unfamiliar perfume by Estée Lauder. In response Lauder decided to “drop” a bottle of her perfume in front of many people in one of the perfumeries. The room filled with the wonderful aroma and the public was conquered.
  • A business that was manufacturing plates ran into a problem as plates were being packed in boxes using old newspapers; each packer eventually began to read the newspapers which reduced productivity by 30%. While “brainstorming” how to solve this problem somebody said in despair, “we just need to put out the packers’ eyes!” This absurd remark led to the hiring of blind people as packers.
  • Nobody expected a surge of customers at a newly opened eight-story supermarket. The marketing campaign was supposed to cost $20,000 dollars but they only had $8,000. From the roof of the supermarket a shot was fired from a circus cannon; it was filled with dollars that anyone could have if they were nearby.
  • What’s the best way to compel people to throw their litter in special bins instead of on the ground? That’s what led to the creation of bins that told a funny story whenever people threw their litter in them. Children soon cleaned the streets meticulously and even watched for people to throw litter on the ground.