Intelligence Development

The brain is like a muscle — the more you train it, the larger it grows. Brain of an average grown-up man weighs 1424 grams and shrinks to 1395 grams by the time he gets old. People of intellectual professions, chess players, scientists, researches, various developers, etc. on the average get old 10 years later than their peers, who are engaged in more humdrum occupations.

Intelligence Development and Training Principles:

  • Regular learning and constant self-education
  • Engaging in unfamiliar activities, expanding your experience
  • Solution of complex issues and extreme tasks
  • Communication (or marriage) with people of greater intelligence
  • Healthy lifestyle

General Guidelines on Intellectual Development:

  • Develop a brainwork habit, i.e. work regularly and productively on intellectual tasks
  • Polish your professional skills and continue your education
  • Maintain your life tonus with work in form of tasks of gradually rising difficulty and responsibility level
  • Read more proper literature to expand your vocabulary, train your writing skills and your public performance
  • Enroll to special training courses
  • Turn various interesting tasks and intellectual games into your hobby