Brain Trivia

Brain is the same as muscles — the more you train it, the larger it grows. Brain of an average grown-up man weighs 1424 grams and shrinks to 1395 grams by the time he gets old.

The heaviest female brain belongs to a murderer — it weighs 1565 grams. The heaviest male brain weighs 2049 grams. I. Turgenev’s brain weighed 2012 grams.

Brain evolves: in 1860 average male brain weighed 1372 grams. The lightest unatrophied brain (which belonged to a woman aged 31) weighed 1096 grams. 9 meters long dinosaurs’ brain weighed 70 grams and was as large as a walnut.

The most intensive brain development takes place between the ages of 2 and 11. German mathematician Karl Witt earned his PhD in Philosophy at Hessian University at the age of 12.

The more educated is the person, the less is the probability of cerebral diseases. Intellectual activity stimulates development of additional tissue thus compensating the diseased one.

The best way to develop your brain is to engage into unfamiliar activity. To develop your intelligence you can as well communicate (or even get married) with people of greater intelligence.

The largest brain donor in the world is School Sisters of Notre Dame nunnery in Mankato, Minnesota; in their last wills they’ve already donated around 700 brains to research studies.

Japanese have the highest national average IQ of 111. 10% of Japanese have an IQ over 130.

Over 20 million people suffer mental deficiency because of the lack of iodine in their ration.

What is Intelligence?

In 1921 the publishers of Educational Psychology magazine asked 17 leading theorists to define intelligence. The variety of answers resulted in the following joke: “intelligence is something that is measured with intelligence tests”.

First Intelligence Tests

The first intelligence tests appeared in the VII century in China and were used to assess the officials ability.


The average IQ varies from 100 to 120 points, while gifted children score about 175 or higher. Recent research drew nominal bounds of aptness degrees. Modern research defined the nominal boundaries between the endowment levels. Thus, a moderately gifted person has an IQ of 130. 1 in 50 people have this IQ level. An IQ of 145 means a highly gifted personality. 1 in 1000 people have this IQ. A genius with an IQ of 160 and more are approximately one in a million. Highly gifted children with IQs over 175 are one in three millions.

Harmony of Spheres and Hemispheres

Modern researchers discovered that the whole world including the human body is in constant vibration. Our ears alone can distinguish 1378 tones in various sound ranges, while there are millions of sounds outside the audible spectrum. However, even the slightest alterations in their frequency influence our inner organs. You can improve your intelligence by listening to Mozart 10 minutes a day! This was proven by a research in two groups of students. One group was listening to Mozart’s piano music, while the other wad listening to usual light music. Students from the first group scored 8-9 points more during the test. Researches state that the perfect composition of Mozart’s music stimulates the brain’s cognitive functions.