The Most Intelligent People in the World

Tony Buzen and Raymond Keene decided to find out who average people consider to most intelligent people in the world. For 20 years they were collecting data in order to draw the top 10 of the most intelligent people in human history. So, here they are, the Earth top 10 intellectuals:

  • William Shakespeare (author of English theatre repertoire, many-sided renaissance author);
  • Michelangelo (Italian sculptor, poet, philosopher, artist, and architect — one of the renaissance titans);
  • Architects (architects),who built the pyramids;
  • Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (German poet, prosaist, playwright, philosopher, naturalist, and politician);
  • Alexander the Great (great commander, emperor, conqueror, and founder of a powerful country);
  • Isaac Newton (British mathematician, mechanic, astronomer, and physicist, who discovered the law of gravitation);
  • Thomas Jefferson (the 3rd US president, one of the co-founders of the USA);
  • Leonardo da Vinci (great Italian artist (painter, sculptor and architect) and scientist (anatomist, mathematician, physicist and naturalist), another universal figure of the Renaissance);
  • Phidias (Athenian architect);
  • Albert Einstein (scientist, founder of the modern theoretical physics and public figure).

This list is a remarkable proof that genius can appear in any field: literature, art, architecture, all kinds of science and military arts.

The Most Intelligent Living Person

The most intelligent person in the world is currently Marilyn vos Savant from Missouri with an IQ of 228. She scored it at the age of 10, which got her name into the Guinness Book. Marilyn was born on August, 11, 1946. Her last name means “wise person” in French. Marilyn has given up college after studying there for 2 years. (According to her father, it was a place to learn a profession, not to develop your intelligence.)

Marilyn is convinced that intelligence doesn’t depend on the amount of chaotic knowledge, because a lot of people with encyclopedic knowledge cannot use them. Marilyn points out that intelligence is 40-60% inheritable and can be enhanced by 20% due to appropriate nutrition.

When asked what intelligence was, Marilyn replied: “The essence of intelligence is in ability to search the truth without giving in to religious, family, social and other bias. It takes courage and emotional stability. People consider me a genius, an intellectual, because I judge the events from a cold-blooded, unbiased perspective... Painting, sculpting or other kinds of visual art aren’t creative — they are mere expression of emotions and have nothing to do with intelligence. The disciplines that are relevant to intelligence are mathematics and nuclear science.”