William Marston

National Research Council of the US formed a group of psychologists (which included Marston) commissioned to test available “lie detection” methods in order to resolve the counterintelligence In 1913 psychologist and lawyer William Marston started regular scientific research of instrumental method of “lie detection”. During WWI when the struggle against German spies was especially tense issue.

After conducting the appropriate research the experts drew a conclusion that the most effective way of detection was the so-called “bloodpressure deception test” devised by W. Marston in Harvard Psychological Laboratory. This test was 97% effective.

According to experts, there is no direct connection between physiological measures and honesty. “Lie detector” registers person’s level of excitement, but it is unable to detect its real reason. Polygraph examiner always has the last word.

Harriet Cole

Harriet Cole (1853-1888) died from tuberculosis at the age of 35 and donated her body to science. Autopsist Rufus B. Univer of Hanneman Medical College, Philadelphia, spent 5 months to accurately extract, spread out and fix Harriet’s nerves. He also managed to preserve her eyeballs with ophthalmic nerves still attached.

Bruce Lee Phenomenon

Bruce Lee developed a stunning reaction (according to digital timer, Bruce Lee could move over a distance of 1 meter in 0.02 seconds!) and could hit an object at 1 meter distance in 0.05 seconds. Bruce could throw several rice grains and catch them with chopsticks in midair. His slowest blow took about 0.08 seconds. These were 0.5 — 1.5 meter blows starting from relaxed stance with arms down.

Lots of movies featuring martial arts masters were deliberately sped up to make the fights look more dynamic. Jeet Kune Do invented by Bruce Lee was so fast that cameras’ capacity sometimes wasn’t enough. He could make a series of 8 blows in a second and move so fast that 24 fps was not enough to capture all his moves, so cameramen had to film him at 32 fps and then slow down the film so that the audience could distinguish everything.

Leading straight punch is the fastest Jeet Kune Do blow. It is the most precise punch as well, because you perform it directly forward over a small distance, so you don’t lose your balance. This blow is hard to block, especially if you perform it while you are constantly moving at a high speed. Besides, this blow is even faster, if you are moving around than if you are standing still.

Guinness World Record


Rory Blackwell of Starcross, Devonshire, UK, is the most virtuosic drummer in the world. He managed to play 400 percussion instruments in 16.2 s. He demonstrated his skills on May, 29, 1995 in Finlake Park near Chudleigh, Devonshire, UK. He also owns a peculiar record: 3720 bangs on the drum in a minute, which he set on 24 October, 1991 in Finlake Park.