Our Work

Our team understand the challenges represented in each unique environment. We supply best in class technologies for monitoring, testing and tracing to mitigate risk and protect people. We are supporting governments, industry, sports bodies and the transport and education sectors around the world.
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What We Do

We provide self-testing kits for a wide range of medical conditions. Our kits support the rapid diagnostics capability that is an increasingly important part of personalised medicine, patient reassurance and improved health planning. The pandemic has put enormous pressure on health systems around the world. Since the beginning, we have helped governments and large organisations respond more effectively to the challenges of Covid 19.

Our Objectives

We set up Test Yourself with two objectives: to help protect communities through rapid and accessible testing and to support people in great need. We commit a significant share of our revenues to charity, donating to Refugee Action who provide much needed services to refugees around the world (including Ukraine).

The people behind the Test Yourself:

Professor Tara Moore BSc First Class (Hons), Ph.D., NTF, FHEA, FFFLM (Hon), FRSA, FRSB)

Professor Tara Moore is the Head of Personalized Medicine at Ulster University in Northern Ireland and a global expert on Covid 19. She was a key member of the team who developed the Rapid Test Consortium Antibody and Antigen test on behalf of the UK Government, and frequently critiques the efficacy of tests manufactured around the world on behalf of agencies and governments.

Created by local authorities as a shared resource to transform public services and retain experience within the sector, iESE has 16 years of experience in public service improvement and transformation. Apart from some critical services businesses, the UK central government is no longer providing free lateral flow covid tests. iESE has acted on behalf of the sector and is working closely with Test Yourself to provide self-testing kits at a heavily discounted price for UK local government and their local communities. We are proud that these tests will support Refugee Action’s vital work with Ukrainian refugees. i