We combine the expertise of our renowned panel of experts spanning medicine, logistics
and technology to provide practical operational and continuity solutions to address the challenges posed by COVID 19 and any future pandemic.

Our team understand the challenges represented in each unique environment. We supply best in class technologies for monitoring, testing and tracing to mitigate risk and protect people. We are supporting governments, industry, sports bodies and the transport and education sectors around the world.

Our team established one of the first volume supply chains for PPE and
provided logistics planning for its delivery to countries throughout Europe.
We supply cleaning and sanitisation materials to Lapland UK allowing Christmas
to go ahead at the largest event to take place during the course of the Pandemic!
And we have provided advisory services on risk management to the
Excel Centre in London.

Test Yourself is a Larner Associates Biotech brand.
Test Yourself provides self-testing medical devices for a wide range of medical conditions.
Rapid diagnostics is increasingly important to give comfort and improve health planning for families,
and has become one of the key developments of personalised medicine due to the pressures put on health systems around the world during the pandemic.

Test Yourself was formed to encourage ongoing testing in the community, and gives a generous proportion of proceeds to worthy grassroots sport to encourage a healthy lifestyle, and also donates to Refugee Action who provide services and support to Ukrainian refugees.

The people behind the Test Yourself:

Professor Tara Moore
BSc First Class (Hons), Ph.D., NTF, FHEA, FFFLM (Hon), FRSA, FRSB) is the Head of Personalized Medicine at Ulster University in Northern Ireland and a global expert on Covid 19. She was a key member of the team who developed the Rapid Test Consortium Antibody and Antigen test on behalf of the UK Government, and frequently critiques the efficacy of tests manufactured around the world on behalf of agencies and governments.

Dr Andrew Larner is an acclaimed international transformation expert, who has designed simple solutions for complex problems on behalf of over 20 Governments around the world. He has written protocols for the leisure industry to prevent transmission of the virus from person to person and in the atmosphere.