Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the shelf life?

2 years

What certifications does the test have?

Test Yourself LFT has full certification and can be sent on request.

How is the test administered?

Test Yourself LFT is nasal only and enters the lower nostril, therefore, reducing discomfort without compromising on accuracy. The test only requires a 1-2cm swab unlike the standard 9-10cm swab into the nostril. Instructional video

What is the lead time for products?

Lead Time is between 7 to 10 days from the day of placing an order.

Do you deliver Internationally?

Test Yourself LFT is approved for European use and can be flown direct into a country of your choice providing there is a licence to sell the product in the given country.
Please speak to our team before ordering for an International country.

How much stock can you produce?

The factory has the capability to produce
90 million units per month. Our close partnership with the factory ensures Test Yourself stock has a priority slot on the production line, this means our clients will receive orders much faster than the competition.

Does the Test Yourself LFT pick up new variants?

So far, the Test Yourself product has detected all variants - most recently it has detected the Delta and Omicron variants. This test also detects asymptomatic cases.
Test Yourself cannot guarantee this test will pick up every future variant.

Do you supply the test kits individually packed?

Currently we supply the tests in packs of 5, but if you have a large order (over 5 million tests) please talk to a member of our sales team

Can I trust this test, who uses it?

Absolutely - this test has the highest UK Government accreditations, PHE approved, ISO certified, CTDA, MRHA & CE home approved. Ultimate safety is paramount for all clients.

Can I use them at home?

Yes, the Test Yourself LFT is easy to use and approved for public use in accordance with regulation 39A (2) and (3) of the Medical Devices
Regulations 2002.

How accurate is the test kit?

Test Yourself LFT is a high accuracy test with specificity of 99.6%.

Why is Test Yourself LFT more competitive than other leading brands?

Test Yourself have worked collaboratively with their supply chain to deliver a market leading test at the most competitive price whilst generating important revenues for Ukrainian refugees.

Why not just provide the Government free tests to staff?

Government free tests are no longer available for the majority of businesses (aside some critical services). Government free tests are not allowed for travel.

What is the MOQ and price point?

We are selling these tests to support the relocation of the Ukrainian refugees to the UK.
Our low pricing high volume business model may not always be able to accommodate orders of less than 50,000. However, please speak to our sales team and whenever possible we will aggregate orders together or “piggy back” large orders to supply you.