With access to free lateral flow tests ending from the 1st April in England,
we wanted to share with you some valuable insights from recent research
to help you make the most of testing.

Scientists recently analysed the length of time it took for people to test negative,
following their first positive test. We found that, on average, it took 8 days
after the first positive test to log a negative test. 

What can we learn from these findings?

  • Have some LFTs at home ready so you can test as soon as symptoms start.
    You don't want to be out and about looking for test kits while symptomatic 

  • Use an LFT on the day that you start experiencing symptoms

  • If you have a positive test, wait 6 days to re-test as it’s
    unlikely that you’ll test negative before then

  • Those aged 75 and over could wait up to 10 days to re-test as research
    suggests that those in this age bracket may take longer to recover

  • If your test is negative, test again the next day