26 Blue Rooms You Haven't Seen A Million Times Before

It's the most popular color out there for a reason — but that doesn't mean it has to be boring.

Björn Wallander

Blue is one of those colors that feels accessible—it's bold enough to feel like you're taking serious risks, but still classic enough that you don't feel like you're going too far outside of your comfort zone. But accessible doesn't have mean staid or boring—whether you want to go light, dark, coastal-inspired, or eclectic, let these blue rooms inspire you to shake things up and add a little more color to your house.

Overscaled Blue Tile

This floor-to-ceiling azure tile shower makes for a shower you never want to get out of.

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Francesco Lagnese
Blue on Blue

In the sunroom of a Connecticut ranch house, the same fabric covers walls and the sofa. White ceilings help break up the blue and make the room feel lighter and airier.

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David A. Land
Blue Pattern Play

A mix of patterns in gorgeous blues brighten up this half bath, turning an ordinary room into an escape from the mundane.

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Francesco Lagnese
Blue Cabinets

Bold painted cabinets create a calm and tranquil kitchen. For more of an impact, paint the walls the same color.

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Francesco Lagnese
Sky Blue

We'd wake up extra early to drink coffee in this sky blue breakfast room every day. White accents help it feel fresh.

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cabana powder room
Melanie Acevedo
Cabana Blue

This coastal powder room is painted to look like a classic cabana — a fitting touch that nods to the room’s location near the pool.

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Tara Striano

Two different blue-green hues give a Florida kitchen an elegant beach vibe. Brass lanterns keep it from feeling too coastal.

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Jeff Lincoln Living Room
Jonny Valiant
Blue and Gold

A dark navy wall covering embellished in gold makes a grand, but still classic, living room. The mirrors, side table legs, table lamps, and the statement light fixture pick up the glimmer in the walls.

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Francesco Lagnese
Shrinking Violet

A vibrant violet shade is perfect for a kids room. It makes bunk beds feel more sleek and modern — and maybe will convince your kids that sharing a room is actually cool.

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Björn Wallander
Blue Lacquer

The walls of this family room were lacquered in a custom ocean color, which gives the color even more depth.

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In the living room, custom-colored lacquer was applied for a sleek, unified surface. The Pierre armchairs from Bunny Williams Home are in a Jasper fabric by Michael S. Smith. The photograph over the mantel is by William T. Hillman.
House Beautiful
Lacquered Aqua

Going bold doesn't always involve going for a vibrant or dark color. Instead, texture can convey drama. In this aqua living room, gleaming lacquer makes a statement.

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janet gridley
Maura McEvoy
Exotic Blue

An ornate wall covering makes a small entryway feel like a jewel box. Chinese statues up the exotic vibes.

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janet gridley
Maura McEvoy
Blue Velvet

The blue velvet of the upholstery contrasts the light blue walls. Both have cool undertones, which makes the room feel cohesive.

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Björn Wallander
Silver Undertones

If you want something more glam, choose a blue with silvery undertones. This peacock paper is a glam complement to the metallic ceiling.

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Annie Schlechter
Glazed Blue Walls

These master bedroom walls were painted in a bold blue with a decorative cross-glaze finish. The dark color doesn't feel as oppressive thanks to the abundance of natural light in this room.

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cameron schwabenton charleson guesthouse
Trevor Tondro
Polo Blue

In this historic Charleston guest house, a rich polo blue adds a classic, moody elegance. It looks even better with wood accents.

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Ngoc Minh Ngo
Ink Blue

A small seating area has major impact from paneled walls and cabinets in the same inky blue hue. The deep color is perfect for a library or home office.

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Christopher Sturman
Lacquered Blue

Lacquered blue walls reflect light and make a small room feel larger. Choose a lighter shade of blue if you're lacking in natural sunlight.

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blue velvet tufted sofa
Simon Watson
Hague Blue

Hague Blue creates a jewel box feel in the library of this Nashville home. Up the glam vibes with a tufted velvet sofa.

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andy warhol silkscreen print
Eric Piasecki
Peacock Blue

Peacock blue lacquer gives the walls in the library of a Chicago townhouse a rich depth — and sets off the amaze Warhol print.

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Trevor Tondro
Intense Blue Hues

Intense blue walls lend drama to a library in a California home. The color also subtly picks up the blue of the sofa upholstery.

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blue kitchen with breakfast nook
Trevor Tondro
Sea Blue

Channel the sea with ocean blue cabinets and walls. Tie everything together with upholstered seating in a similar hue.

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blue bedroom
Paul Raeside
Tiffany Blue

Aqua is elegant, feminine, and feels tranquil in a bedroom. It's also classic, so you won't have to worry about it going out of style.

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Amy Neunsinger
Cozy and Dark Blue

Blue walls give this stylish family room a cocoon-like feel. Dark walls make it extra cozy and intimate.

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electric blue dining room
Victoria Pearson
Blue and White

Is there any combo more classic than blue and white? If you're fortunate to have a lot of natural light, you can go dark on the walls and ceiling.

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blue kitchen
Tria Giovan
Retro Blue

Paint isn't the only way to incorporate blue in a big way. This colorful kitchen pairs a turquoise island with similarly-hued flooring.

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